Basic electronics tutorial


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Basic electronics tutorial

Direct curents Electronics Basics

Voltage, Current & Resistance
Direct currents devices used in Basic Electronics schematics
Ohm's Law - Basic Electronics Law
Superposition theorem
Kirchhoff's Current and Voltage Laws & circuit analysis sample
Norton & Thevenin theorem
Using Circuit Magic to find Norton & Thevenin equvalents
Resistors in Series & Resistors in Parallel
Kennelly's Star-Delta & Delta-Star Transformations
Using Circuit Magic to find any circuits resistances
Node Voltage Method description & circuit analysis sample
Mesh Current Method description & circuit analysis sample

Alternating curents Electronics Basics

Alternating Current (AC), Voltage, sinusoidal Waveform
Frequency, Period, Phase Angle of sinusoidal Waveform
Phasor (Vector) Diagram & Complex Numbers for AC Circuits Analysis(Java applet)
Alternating currents(AC) devices
Applying AC voltage to capacitor, coil, resistor
AC Circuits Power
Creating Phasor Diagrams with Circuit Magic

The circuits illustrating all folowing electric circuits laws and circuit analysis techniques are included into Circuit Magic installation Visit main page to learn more about Circuit Magic. (Symbolic electrical circuits simulation software to analyse circuits using Kirchhoff's Laws & other methods.)

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